This video is so, so important. A Jewish girl, and a Muslim girl, both poets, deliver a powerful piece on stereotypes.

Forget what we’ve been indoctrinated to think by our parents, schools, communities, religions and governments. We are all human. Let’s be the generation of peace. 

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Hearing the word bæ every 5 seconds makes me wanna shoot myself


if you’re gay, that’s ok
if you’re straight, that’s ok
if you swing both ways, that’s ok
if you’re transgender, that’s ok
if you’re christian, that’s ok
if you’re atheist, that’s ok
if you’re jewish, that’s ok
if you’re muslim, that’s ok
if you believe in something else, that’s ok
if you like anime, that’s ok
if you don’t like anime, that’s ok
if you’re a judgmental asshole who judges people for who they are, that’s not ok